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IBTimes India Edition Rating: 3.5 

At a time when movies are being made in 3D just because they can be made so, "San Andreas" stands apart, as it justifies the 3D effects with devastatingly real explosions and larger-than-life calamities. "San Andreas" in short, is a good old action movie, with the same old story line, but with the new-age visual effects and a subtle, yet powerful, addition of feminism.

"San Andreas" is a wonderul addition to the recent wave of movies that herald new-age feminism. Gone are the days of heroes saving damsels in distress; the badass female characters in "San Andreas" are capable of taking care of themselves and sometimes even their allies.

"San Andreas", which contains the used and reused storyline of the heroic father trying to protect estranged wife, her new boyfriend and children from a natural calamity (refer: "2012"), the story takes a turn with everybody playing their part to stay alive, instead of depending solely on one man.

While Dwayne Johnson aka Rock, may be the hero Ray for his family, his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) -- who rides a motor boat into a sinking building -- and his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) -- who protects herself and her friends from two of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history -- are equally badass.

However, the creators were not as arrogant as to think the hero would be worthy only if the new man in his ex-wife's life isn't a scumbag. Moreover, the poetic justice in Daniel's (Ioan Gruffudd) death is too good pass on.

The success behind "San Andreas" as a movie is mostly owing to the brilliant visual effects. Every time a building collapses, or a Tsunami wave rises, audiences unfailingly clutch on to their arm rests. The justification in making the film in 3D cannot be reiterated; in fact we have not seen a movie more worthy of being made in 3D.

Another notable "win" of "San Andreas" is the light-hearted humour from Ollie (Art Parkinson) and the positive note it ended with.

The move has hit home for many, who believe that "San Andreas" may be predicting an impending earthquake that is about to hit Los Angeles. Therefore, it is important to end the movie with the message that after every dark tunnel there will be light; after every disaster there will be rebuilding.

All in all, "San Andreas" was a well recreated model of old school action movies, that deserved to be watched in theatres. 

"San Andreas" released worldwide on 29 May, Friday. 

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The movie begins with driving lessons on keeping your eyes on the road at all times and a brilliant action and emotion packed rescue mission with brilliant visual effects that keeps you edging forward in your seat.

Among the plethora of movies that are unnecessarily made in 3D, San Andreas is one that deserved the 3D effects. 

The movie manages to completely grip the audience, making them jerk and twitch in accordance with collapsing buildings and gaping fire holes.

The movie manages to maintain some light hearted humor even with all the deaths and collapsing cities.

San Francisco sinking in a tsunami takes viewers to a titanic-esque mindspace.

The movie ends with a note of positivity, prayer and the promise to rebuild what is lost