Samsung's New ATIV Book 9 Takes Aim At Travelers; Lightest Laptop In The Series
Samsung Announces New ATIV Book 9 Ultra-Light Laptop; Debut Set For CES 2015Samsung

Samsung is upping the ante on its PC game with new entries. Alongside the ATIV One all-in-one PC, Samsung also announced ATIV Book 9 laptop on Tuesday. The new addition to the ATIV Book 9 line-up takes pride in bringing reliable on-the-go service to those who need comfort in carrying their laptop anywhere without worrying about its battery. The ATIV Book 9 will be on display next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January.


Samsung has taken great care in designing its latest iteration of ATIV Book 9 laptop. The new model easily wins the title of being the lightest Book 9 laptop ever at just 2.06 pounds and features a sleek 0.46-inch all-aluminum body. The laptop also features an ergonomic keyboard with multiple one-touch activations that make typing and switching modes easier than ever.


Samsung ATIV Book 9's display measures 12.2 inches and features eye-popping 2,560x1,600 pixel resolution. It also has an integrated Digital Natural Image Engine (mDNIe) technology to bring out the best in images. The ultra-portable machine is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its low-reflection coating with 350nits of brightness that shoots up to 700nits when used in outside mode.

Under the hood

Samsung is continuing its partnership with Intel to power this high-end machine with Broadwell Core M processor, which keeps the machine running for up to 10.5 hours. There's also 8GB RAM and 256GB hard drive in the high-end machine, while customers can also opt for 4GB RAM and 128GB HDD. Samsung has integrated a new Wi-Fi Amp that delivers internet speed up to 20% faster.

Standard options such as 2 USB ports, micro HDMI along with two 1.5W stereo speakers are available.

Pricing and availability

Samsung will start taking pre-orders for the laptop in Q1 2015. The base version of the ATIV Book 9 will carry a hefty retail price of $1,200 while the high-end model will cost $1,400.