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Samsung had earlier shown a glimpse of the company's most ambitious foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in the US. Now, reports are coming that the flagship device, touted to be called the 'Galaxy F' (aka Galaxy X/Galaxy Flex) will more than double that of the Apple iPhone XS Max's price.

Renowned Twitter spy, @bang_gogo_ has claimed Samsung's upcoming bendable mobile is likely to cost anywhere between $1,925 and $2,565 when it finally hit stores in early 2019.

Unlike the concept phone Galaxy Round, which was made available only in select regions and in limited numbers, the Galaxy F will be mass produced at least a million units and will be released in global markets. But, if the price is kept at such high, it will be interesting to see how the consumers will react.

Having said that, Samsung's new flexible phone will be a game changer not just for the company, but also will set a new benchmark in the mobile industry. Going by the demo at the SDC, the phone looks futuristic and the company has assured media that it was a concept model and there would be more changes so that it will be more practical in terms of usage, user-experience, durability and also visually appealing design with a thinner bezel.

Samsung, Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex,  Galaxy X, price
Samsung's upcoming Galaxy X aka Galaxy F aka Galaxy Flex is expected to be the most expensive tier-1 branded phone.@bang_gogo_ (Tech micro-blogger)/Twitter (screen-shot)

Samsung's new phone is expected to feature 7.3-inch QXGA screen with 1536x2152p resolution and 420 dpi (dots per inch) when fully unravelled, but will turn to 4.58-inch display with 840x1960p resolution and 420 dpi.

Samsung, foldable phone, Infinity Flex Display, Galaxy X, Samsung Developer Conference, 2018, Galaxy F
Samsungs' new foldable phone with Infinity Flex Display.Safwan Ahmedmia (@SuperSaf)/Twitter (screen-shot)

Under-the-hood, it is expected to come with the latest and fastest processor, top-notch camera hardware, long-lasting battery life and other features capable of matching performance with contemporary rival branded phones.

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