South Korean technology firm Samsung is reported to have started shipments of a new device, codenamed SM-T331, to India.

Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) is codenamed SM-T31, hence the new device in question is speculated to be Samsung's next iteration tablet - Galaxy Tab 4. The tablet has been spotted on Zauba, an Indian import tracking website.  

The Sam Mobile website speculated that the device may sport an AMOLED display measuring eight to 10 inches. Though the import price of SM-T331 at said to be around $550 (₹33,884) suggests that it may be a premium range tablet, reports suggest that it would not carry high-end features like those seen in the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

Samsung's Windows Phone

Microsoft, the Redmond-based company known for its line-up of desktop and smartphone Windows OS, is reportedly willing to sign a deal with Samsung to develop Windows Phones for $1 billion.

Samsung already has its ATIV S smartphone running on Windows OS.

News of the deal was revealed by Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin via a Twitter post that stated, "Another "good" news from Microsoft - company negotiate with Samsung and offer 1 billion support if vendor will produce Windows Phone devices."

Sam Mobile noted that the move may not come as a surprise since Microsoft will be able to grab 90 percent of the Windows Phone market by taking in Nokia. With Samsung prepping up a new Windows Phone handset, the $1 billion deal with Microsoft would push Samsung channel its resources towards the production of Windows Phones instead of Android and Tizen OS.