Samsung Working On A Plus Size Galaxy S6 Edge And It's Not The Galaxy Note 5 Edge: Report
Samsung Working On A Plus Size Galaxy S6 Edge And It's Not The Galaxy Note 5 Edge: ReportSamsung

Samsung is once again at the centre of rumours about new smartphone launches. Apart from being in the headlines for its upcoming Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is reportedly working on another variant of its flagship.

With Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung is looking to attract customers who desire for a bigger display than S6 Edge. Of course, Note 5 Edge fits the category, but not without shelling out a hefty paycheck.

According to an Ubergizmo report, Samsung will release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for a decent price tag unlike the high-end Galaxy Note pricing. Samsung is internally developing this new smartphone model under Project Zero 2, says Phone Arena. If the rumours are true, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will feature a display measuring somewhere between 5.4 and 5.5-inches.

It may be too soon to precisely pin down the specs of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but the report suggests that a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor will power up the handset along with 32GB onboard storage, 16mp primary camera and 5mp front snapper. Details on the battery, RAM and resolution of the display are still hazy.

Even though we haven't heard much about this mysterious Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, reports suggest the new flagship variant to be released in the coming weeks ahead of IFA in September. It is worth noting that the main differentiating factor between the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 Edge would be the missing S Pen functionality.

Also, the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be released with top-of-the-line specs during IFA conference this year. The successor to the Galaxy Note series is said to boast a 4K display, extremely thin profile and upgraded S Pen.

We may just have to wait to see if the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus actually exists or Samsung will directly roll the dice on Galaxy Note 5 this year.