Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 2Reuters

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly working on 6.3-inch Galaxy Note, a successor to the popular-selling Note 2.

Officials close to local parts suppliers to Samsung have claimed that the company is developing 'Galaxy Note 3' with a 6.3-inch OLED display, reported The Korean Times.

The report raised a debate on where to draw the line between a 'smartphone' and a 'tablet PC'.

Samsung is a pioneer in bringing the term 'phablets' to the technology world. The company's flagship smartphone series Galaxy Note which came with 5.3-inch screen blurred the difference between smartphone and a tablet PC.

Samsung did not stop there and it came out with a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note 3 with a 6.3-inch screen seems to almost close the gap between a phone and a mini-tablet. Most mini-tablets come with at least 7-inch displays in size.

Samsung's huge profits from its handset division can be attributed to its knack for understanding market demands. The company provides an array of smartphones which suits different budget needs.

However, taking into concern the high prices of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung seems to focus on customers who don't mind paying big bucks for quality products.

Current trends tend to support the claim. Samsung recently announced that Galaxy Note 2 sales have surpassed the five million mark within two months of its release. The first of the Galaxy Note series also made a record number of sales.

The Korean daily also claimed that Samsung intends to unveil Galaxy S4, a successor to the iconic Galaxy S3 smartphone at MWC (Mobile World Congress) February 2013, Barcelona. 

A teaser trailer video officially released by Samsung seems to contradict the Korean daily's claim. The Samsung video, tagged 'Get Ready', is related to the Consumer Electronic Show held in January in Las Vegas. 

Samsung's teaser video does not provide any clue regarding any product releases.