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After failing to ban the import of HTC smartphones to the U.S. last week, Apple has received another setback with the Samsung Electronics winning an appeal to sell its Galaxy Nexus smartphones in the U.S.

Apple had earlier managed to impose immediate injunction on the sales of Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. over patent infringement.

However, Samsung reportedly updated software for its Galaxy Nexus mobile phones, thus winning the appeal to sell its product in the U.S. Internet giant Google has provided software for the smartphone.

Apple can respond to the ruling of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on or before Thursday. The trial on the case can be taken up only in March 2014 if Apple manages to ban sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.

It may be recalled that Apple managed to stop sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the United States a couple of weeks ago.

A California judge issued a preliminary injunction on Samsung last week, baring it from manufacturing or selling its tablet in the U.S. following injunction by Apple Inc. The ruling came just a few days after a court issued preliminary injunction against selling and importing of its Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the country.

Apple and Samsung have been at loggerheads for a quite a long time now, acussing each other of violating patenting laws. The two giants in consumer electronics are waging patent war in several countries.

Not long ago, Apple filed a suit against the sales of Samsung Galaxy series including Galaxy S3 in the U.S., alleging that Samsung violated Apple's patent.