Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Cut in India: Flipkart Sells Flagship For Less Than Rs. 40,000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Cut in India: Flipkart Sells Flagship For Less Than Rs. 40,000Samsung Mobile India via Facebook

Samsung is known for mocking its rivals, especially Apple, and it has no plans of giving up on its tradition. On Thursday, the Korean tech giant released a new video ad to promote its current flagships, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. But that's not all, Samsung took a jab at Apple while demonstrating the advanced wireless charging technology featured in its flagships.

The 30-second video posted on shows people's daily struggles with wired charging such as untangling charger wires and connecting to the socket. The video ad is titled "Galaxy S6: Change The Way You Charge". The highlight of the advert is the part where a woman is shown struggling to plug in her iPhone 6 into a charging dock. Clearly, Samsung wants to show the benefits of its Galaxy S6 over an iPhone 6.

This isn't the first ad to demonstrate the Galaxy S6 wireless charging tech. In May, the company first showed the Samsung wireless charger in a classy chess-style advertisement. But the latest ad highlights the benefits of wireless charging over wired charging.

Samsung's new ad mocking Apple follows last year's attempt, when the Korean company described iPhone users as "wall huggers". Separately, Samsung also posted two videos comparing the Galaxy S6 with iPhone 6 in an attempt to win more buyers.

Apple had its fair share of popularity with the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while Samsung trailed until the launch of new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Samsung's flagship smartphones were well-received by consumers and critics and they also won the title of the fastest smartphone in the world.