Samsung Tizen smartphone
Samsung may launch a budget smartphone in IndiaReuters

India is a major playground for all major smartphone manufacturers for the number of consumers and frequent habit to buy new stuffs. Groups like Samsung, LG, and Apple have gained a strong ground after launching products in India. Even the newest member like Xiaomi or Motorola has achieved more encouragement after the huge amount of revenue they earned from this country.

A report says, Samsung has lost point five percent share from last quarter and eager to regain the hold it had a few months back. Simultaneously the late entrant Xiaomi and Huawei have gained a huge amount of market share after launching low cost android series like Mi and Honor.

Now, according to the grapevine Samsung is set to launch few new budget devices in the Indian subcontinent and more surprisingly, those devices will be launched in India first. But instead of using the popular Android operating system, Samsung will be dependent on its home-grown Tizen operating system.

Interestingly, Samsung had launched another mobile operating system - Bada a few years back. They also launched a few phones based on Bada, released in Wave series in particular. Despite having done well to make both Wave 1 and 2, the devices didn't have the expected response hence got closed.

The Tizen is the latest operating system of the company. Based on the Linux platform, Samsung is working quite hard to make it popular. They launched the operating system on wearable platform and achieved a decent response. Following that Samsung is about to launch a phone on the same operating system platform.

According to sources, this new Samsung family member will be fighting its battle with under 10000 INR categorised smartphones. Rumoured to feature a 4-inch touchscreen, dual-SIM ability, 3.2 MP camera and 512MB Ram with necessary connectivity features. It will also bundle 4GB of in-built memory with an extensive support of 32GB using microSD cards.

At a time when Android is ruling with almost 3/4th share in the market, experts are quite sceptical about launching new operating systems. The low-priced Firefox OS phones did well, but mostly for their aggressive pricing.

India is a huge price concern market and if Samsung is able to release a better product in an expensive range they are confirmed to achieve the success.