Samsung is always experimenting with new designs that are lauded by critics and consumers alike. The flagship Galaxy S and Note-series have a sophisticated and user-friendly design, which makes them widely acceptable. But the company might have lost its touch while experimenting with an all-new foldable smartphone design.

Samsung had been secretly working on a foldable smartphone codenamed "Project V" (Project Valley), but secrets eventually slip out in the tech world. A fresh set of images show a Samsung smartphone with two separate displays attached by a foldable hinge.

At first glance, it appears as if the tipster is holding two smartphones side-by-side, but images taken from different angles show the foldable design. The smartphone seems extremely bulky, which is clearly due to the foldable design, and features old 16:9 aspect ratio displays. If you remember ZTE's Axon M, Samsung's Project V smartphone looks a lot identical.

Samsung's foldable Project V smartphone
Samsung's foldable Project V smartphoneTwitter/MMDJ_

Samsung foldable smartphone rumours were making the rounds since 2015, back when the company had planned to launch the smartphone in 2016. Fast forward two years and we still haven't seen the much-discussed device by Samsung.

Looking at the design today, it is a good thing Samsung ditched its plans to launch Project V. It may have enjoyed some attention two years ago, but no one would bat an eye if the smartphone was released now. Looks like the Android phone manufacturer realized this and sensibly scrapped the project.

The latest set of images show us what the smartphone could have been if Samsung launched it in 2016 as promised. There's no traction for foldable smartphones just yet, and consumers and OEMs are still trying to cash in on the demand for bezel-less design. Plus, the leaked Samsung foldable smartphone looks ancient by today's standards.

But don't give up on Samsung just yet. The South Korean tech titan still appears to be interested in the foldable design for a smartphone as recently leaked patents hint the foldable dual screen concept isn't dead yet.

If rumours are to be believed, Samsung could launch its foldable Galaxy X smartphone in February next year. All eyes could be on Samsung during the CES 2019, but it remains to be seen if the company can live up to the expectations and not be overshadowed by its own Galaxy S10 series.

Stay tuned for updates.