Samsung is said to be one step ahead of Apple in the war of patents. While the Korean tech firm has patented the back panel touch screen control for transparent displays, its rival has settled for a facial recognition and detection patent.

Samsung has previously launched gesture controls in its Galaxy S4 handset, followed by dual screen flip handsets, a smartwatch, and the very popular flexible/curved screen smartphone.

The inclusion of touch controls on the back panel for a transparent screen in the handsets would bring users one step closer to what they have seen in sci-fi movies till date.

The patent application by Samsung describes how the controls on the back of the handset with transparent screen would function and carry varied tasks.

For instance, a user can open folders from a list of folders by simply touching the back panel of the handset. A touch on the back also gives out extra details and info such as a note, photo and more without navigating away from the screen, reports Sam Mobile.

Other functions such as controlling a video or drawing a pattern to unlock the smartphone can also be carried out.

There is no indication as to when these kinds of devices will surface in the market but whenever it does the firm will undeniably prove itself steps ahead in display technology than others.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Launch in Late April, Not Q1 2014

Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Reviews website has revealed that much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone wil be launched in late April and not in Q1 of 2014.

The news came via Murtazin's Twitter post which stated "Galaxy s5 launch date - late april. Not 1q."

However, it has been noted that Murtazin has been proven incorrect most of the times, according to Sam Mobile.

Since there is no official word from Samsung regarding its Samsung Galaxy S5 handset release, nothing can be said for sure.

The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 early in 2014 has its own advantages and disadvantages. The handset launch may again boost the sales for Samsung, as its Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 devices have not met the sales expectations due to their high price and large screen. On the other hand, it would not be fair for the Galaxy S4 buyers who have recently bought the handset.