Samsung curved phone screen
Samsung phones to have curved display on three edges in 2014. (OLED-Info)OLED-Info

According to a new patent of Korean tech giant Samsung, the company's next smartphone might come with curved screen design that wraps around three sides of the device.

The patent was reportedly filed back in May and details a "method of operating functions of a portable terminal having a bended display."

The patent hints the device will sport a convex shaped display, unlike the ones seen on LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round. The screen, covering the left and right side of the device, where traditional volume and camera buttons are seen, is said to be interactive and would be used to display charging meter, bookmarks and other information.

It has been understood that the side spaces would be touch sensitive, including multi-touch actions and might also include the idea of slide to unlock feature. The patent files also include the function of dragging items from the edge to a visual clipboard, reports Techradar.

However, it has been noted that since the three sides of the handset would be taken away by the screen, it would be interesting to see how the user would hold the device.

Additionally, since the patent was filed in May, the next iteration of the Galaxy S series - Galaxy S5 - could be the gadget in question. 

Samsung fans will, however, soon know the inside secrets, as CES 2014 is right around the corner.

Speaking of Galaxy S5, it has been speculated that the Korean tech firm might include its 2560x1440 resolution in the smartphone, along with the massive 560 pixels per inch pixel density.

According to a leaked video of a presentation made by Kinam Kim - CEO of Samsung Display - in the Analyst Day event in Korea, the firm will reach 560ppi Super AMOLED display by 2014, reports Ubergizmo.

However, nothing can be confirmed till the handset has been officially revealed.