A previously unknown Samsung smartphone - SM-G900S - has reportedly made a stop at a benchmarking site, leading many to believe the mystery handset is the company's next flagship device Galaxy S5.

The smartphone was spotted at the GFX benchmarking site. In the system records, the handset boasts a 2540x1440p (2K) resolution screen and was trialled under Android v4.4 KitKat, powered by Snapdragon 800 chipset (MSM8974) with 2.457GHz CPU speed.

Though the high-definition 2K display and new OS features seem plausible for a Galaxy S4 successor (aka Galaxy S5), there is a still shadow of doubt over the phone's codename. SM-G900S is completely out-of-sync with previous Galaxy S model numbers which usually come with a prefix "GT" (Galaxy S3: GT-19300; Galaxy S4: GT-19500), there by ruling out the possibility of the mystery device being the rumoured Galaxy S5.

The phone's codename, if closely observed, matches the Samsung curved phone Galaxy Round (SM-G910S), which went on sale in late October this year in the company's home market South Korea, reported The Droid Guy.

The website states the mystery phone cannot be a successor of Galaxy Round, as it was launched just a couple of months ago. However, for speculation sake, there is a still a possibility that Samsung may have plans of releasing a feature-rich variant of the curved phone to the international market, especially since rivals LG announced the global availability of its flagship curve phone G Flex, a few hours ago. It will hit stores in Hong Kong and Singapore this week, and later in other Asian markets.

So far Samsung has not responded to the report, and so till we get an official comment from the company, the rumours will remain so.