Samsung's Next Smartwatch To Get NFC For Mobile Payments: Report
Samsung Plans To Add NFC In Next Smartwatch For Its Mobile PaymentsSamsung

Motorola and LG made the circular smartwatch a raging trend. So how could Samsung stay out of the competition for long while its Android rivals enjoy the feast? The Korean tech giant has decided to join the party next month by unveiling its first round-face Orbis smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress trade show.

Adding to the wide range of Samsung wearables, Orbis will make a strong style statement, thanks to the totally hit formula of traditional watch-look.

Samsung's Orbis smartwatch has been in the news for weeks now and here's a roundup of all the leaked features of the upcoming wearable. Korea Herald revealed some of the key features of Orbis smartwatch that add more authenticity to the previous leaks.

According to the publication, besides a circular display similar to the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R, Samsung's Orbis is expected to feature a rotating bezel ring. The ring plays a key role in various functions of the smartwatch. It can be used to navigate through menus, scroll through apps, widgets and notifications. That's not all, the bezel ring will also be used to dismiss and snooze alarm, change music tracks, accept, reject or end calls.

In a separate report from SamMobile, which showed a patent drawing of the alleged smartwatch, Orbis' display divides into three parts in a pie chart format to show various information separately. Key specifications of the smartwatch such as the display size, resolution, processor and OS still remain under the wraps.

According to the Korean report, Samsung Orbis is expected to run on Tizen OS instead of Android Wear and support wireless charging. Samsung has been investing a lot of time and money into rebuilding its image in the tech industry. Orbis has reportedly been in the works since October last year and will finally set foot in the public alongside Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress trade show next month.