Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Cut in India: Flipkart Sells Flagship For Less Than Rs. 40,000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Cut in India: Flipkart Sells Flagship For Less Than Rs. 40,000Samsung Mobile India via Facebook

Some early buyers of Samsung Galaxy S6 have reported a bug that prevents the camera flash from turning off even when the phone is not using the application.

The flash does not appear as bright as it normally would, but is easily recognisable in dimly-lit conditions. According to some members of XDA Developers, the issue has been found on some unlocked handsets sold in Saudi Arabia and T-Mobile units of the Galaxy S6 sold in the U.S.

Samsung begins the sale of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on Friday and is expected to witness a record-breaking opening. The new issue found on some Galaxy S6 handsets could be a reason for some buyers to hold off for a few days, but Samsung has promised to rollout a fix in its next software update. There's no specific timeframe on the patch's arrival but Samsung will push the update as and when it is ready to prevent losing out on buyers due to software glitches.

The bug with the Galaxy S6 flash is largely mistaken with Google Fit or the heart rate monitor. Users can only see the lit-up flash in a dark room and has nothing to do with any of the health tracking modules. Regardless of whether the device is on or off, the LED seems to remain dimly-lit. Some users suggested that a minor leak of current is the possible source behind the flash bring lit up unnecessarily.

Prior to this issue, there were reports about some Galaxy S6 Edge units shipped by T-Mobile with faulty displays. Earlier this month, about 20% of early buyers found several minor scratches on the surface of Galaxy S6 Edge display.

Samsung hasn't directly commented on the pre-scratched displays of Galaxy S6 Edge but the company is said to face trouble fulfilling the Galaxy S6 Edge demand due to production shortages. But Samsung is expecting the flat-design Galaxy S6 to sell more than the dual-curved Galaxy S6 Edge.