Samsung Gear Circle Hits Market For Rs. 5,599; Top Features You Should Know Before Buying
Samsung Launches Gear Circle Bluetooth Headset In India For Rs. 5,599Samsung

After launching Gear smartwatches in the wearables segment, Samsung is adding yet another accessory to its lineup, the Gear Circle. The Bluetooth hands-free device is now available in Indian stores as an add-on to the Gear S smartwatch as well as smartphones. The price tag matches Gear Circle's features and capabilities. Samsung is selling the headpiece through its online channel for Rs. 5,599. 

Samsung introduced Gear Circle alongside Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S smartwatch in India in October. The Tizen-based standalone Gear S smartwatch was made available to the Indian consumers last month and now the Bluetooth stereo headset makes a perfect companion to the wearable smartwatch.

Top features at a glance

Samsung Gear Circle is a wireless headset that connects to a phone or Gear S smartwatch using Bluetooth 3.0. The headpiece features a stylish design that can be clasped around a users' neck. It has a magnetic lock when not in use. Interestingly, the Gear Circle alerts users of any new notifications like incoming calls with a vibrating function. Gear Circle also supports Wi-Fi connectivity and supports voice commands through S Voice feature.

These unique features do not compromise the device's basic functionalities such as the ability to listen to music and take calls. The headpiece can connect to two devices at the same time and perform all functions normally. It is powered by 180mAh Li-ion chargeable battery that can last 300 hours on standby and up to 11 hours talk time or 9 hours of audio playback.

Is the price worth it?

The new features and the usability of Gear Circle make it a good buy. If that's not enough, Samsung's launch price for the Gear Circle was Rs. 8,500 in India and the current price is a good saving.

Customers can have their pick from the available color options. Gear Circle is available in Blue, Black and White color variants.