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[Representational Image] Samsung Galaxy X support page goes live ahead of launch: Here’s what you need to know about flagship phone In Picture: An employee wipes a Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 8 at its office building in Seoul, South Korea, August 25, 2017.REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy X is expected to finally break covers soon, as the company has opened the device's page on its official website.

Samsung has listed (via Mobiel Kopen) the support page for a device bearing model number: SM-G888N0, which for long has been associated with the Galaxy X and make no mistake that the South Korean company is taking a cue from Apple iPhone X moniker.

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Samsung Galaxy X has been making noise long before iPhone X rumour even began in late 2016. Though the official Samsung support page does not give away much, other than the model number if reliable reports are to be believed the former is much more sophisticated than later, as it is said to come with a foldable display, which no other commercial brands boast off.

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Samsung Galaxy X support page goes live ahead of launch: Here's what you need to know about flagship phoneSamsung South Korea support page (screen-shot)

Samsung Galaxy X: What we know so far

As per leaked images of Samsung patent files, Samsung Galaxy X is said to come with a fully foldable body, thanks to Samsung's proprietary hinge support. In the document, the device is shown to have a dynamic fulcrum hinge in the middle, similar to Microsoft Surface Book series.

Samsung foldable phone patent, Samsung patent, Galaxy X, Flexible Electronic Device, patent, Flexible Electronic Device patent
Samsung flexible electronic device patent (screen-shot)Galaxy Club blog (via PDF)

Another notable aspect of the Galaxy X is that it is expected to come with three types of biometric sensors capable of recognising the eyes' Iris pattern, fingerprint and also palm print, as well.

Other internal hardware such as display size, resolution, camera, RAM, storage and battery capacity are yet to be ascertained. But, rest assured they will be on par with rival brands if not better.

The upcoming Galaxy X is said to be a game changer for Samsung, which is not only capable of outranking the Apple iPhone X, but also set a new benchmark in the smartphone industry, particularly in terms display and design aspect, which lately has become generic, as all rivals are launching phones with FullView screen having 18:9 aspect ratio, with little or no difference in exterior looks.

Samsung Flexible Electronics Device patent, Galaxy X, Galaxy X foldable screen
Samsung poised to unveil fully foldable flagship Galaxy X phone series in late 2017 to take on Apple iPhone 8 seriesSamsung Patent Copy (PDF) screen-shot via Galaxy Club

The word on the street is that Samsung will finalise Galaxy X prototype will be ready at the end of this year and then, supply partner Kolon Industries, will get the final nod in the first quarter of 2018, to commence mass production of the Galaxy X's special display.

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As per estimation, for commercial purposes, a company will take a minimum of three months to meet the demand during the early days of the launch. So, going by this calculation, Galaxy X will be launched around the second quarter (April-June) of 2018.

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