Samsung's upcoming flagship phones – Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus – are expected to pack new display panels called "Y-OCTA". The new display technology will be reportedly rolled out sometime in the first-half of 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 concept
Samsung Galaxy S9 may become cheaper with new display technology and here's whyYouTube

Unlike the traditional display panels, the new Y-OCTA panels make use of integrated touch module, which does away with the need to incorporate more components for recognising touch points. The use of lesser hardware components will actually translate to reduced manufacturing costs and thereby making the handset cheaper when it hits the retail market.

According to Korean media ETnews, both the S9 and S9 Plus will come with the same display sizes as their predecessors, besides retaining the same shape and design. It may be recalled that the Galaxy S8 had featured similar Y-OCTA display panels and the same could not be incorporated into the S8 Plus owing to technical constraints and production issues.

Samsung has already begun expanding its manufacturing operations to support large scale production of mobile display panels. Consequently, there should be no problems in implementing the Y-OCTA display tech on the larger S9 Plus.