Samsung is planning to bring some unique features to its flagship Galaxy S7 smartphones, set for debut in March 2016. The rumoured flagship will feature Apple's 3D Touch-like pressure-sensitive display, a new high-speed charging port and retina scanner.

The information comes from the people familiar with Samsung's plans who also told the Wall Street Journal that the Galaxy S7 will be accompanied by a curved-screen Galaxy S7 Edge variant at launch. This conflicts a recent report that said Samsung will ditch the "Edge" variant in favour of Galaxy S7 Plus.

According to WSJ, the Galaxy S7 will be identical to the current flagship Galaxy S6 with notable upgrade to the camera without the odd bump on the rear-side of the device. The inclusion of pressure-sensitive has been rumoured in the past, after Apple successfully deployed 3D Touch display in its iPhone 6s series.

It's only a matter of time before Samsung and other companies follow the latest trend to keep up with the competition.

Another key feature expected in the Galaxy S7 is the high-speed charging port, which is going to be the next-gen USB Type-C port for fast data transfer and battery charging. The sources indicate the Galaxy S7 will run for a full day with just 30 minutes of charge or lesser.

Samsung is also planning to integrate a retina scanner in the Galaxy S7 as an advanced method of authenticating the owner of the device, much like a fingerprint scanner. There is no information whether the fingerprint scanner will take leave, handing over its duties to the retina scanner. But the anonymous sources revealed that the eye-scanning software will only be seen in some versions of the phone.

Finally, Samsung will include the microSD card slot in its Galaxy S7 model, much in line with an earlier report from last month.

Samsung hasn't spoken publicly about the Galaxy S7 developments and the new flagships are set to debut in mid-March in the U.S. after the Mobile World Congress in late-Feb.