Samsung is making vigorous moves to beat its biggest rival, Apple, in the premium flagship race. The company's Galaxy S6 Edge won over the hearts of millions around the world for its exquisite design and high-end features. But the South Korean tech giant has no plans to rest as new reports suggest an early release of the next flagship, Galaxy S7, complete with high-end features and specifications.

A report fresh out of Korea revealed Samsung will take a new approach towards the Galaxy S7 launch. The report revealed that Galaxy S7 will feature an increased screen size of 5.7 inches compared to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6, GforGames reports. Clearly, the decision to increase the screen size comes from consecutive success of Galaxy Note 5.

In a separate report from TechRadar, pointing towards a different leak from Asia Today, Samsung will reportedly launch the Galaxy S7 in two sizes, one to match the current flagship model and a larger one quite aligned towards the Galaxy Note 5. This certainly appeals different sets of audience who are divided between using a large sized handset and a much comfortable screen size closer to the five-inch mark.

Difference in screen sizes isn't all, as the Korean sources "confirm" that Galaxy S7 will come with two configurations. One of the models will run the newly-developed in-house Exynos M1 chipset and the other one gets treated with Snapdragon 820 processor. According to the report, the Exynos M1 processor will power most of the handsets.

As for other notable upgrades, Galaxy S7 will use a dual-camera setup, which will command the imaging and scan for depth and other information.

Other leaked details about the Galaxy S7 say the handset will have a 4GB RAM, 4K display, 64GB storage and quite interestingly, a microSD card slot. But users can let go of seeing a removable battery, as in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

After taking a stroll through the spec-sheet, the major question remains, when will Samsung announce Galaxy S7? A report from last month suggested Samsung is abandoning the traditional "Waterfall" development process for the faster "Agile" process for its upcoming Galaxy S7. This report sits well with the latest one pointing towards a late-February launch. This could mean Samsung fans won't have to wait till the MWC event in March to see the new flagship.