Samsung Galaxy S6 Release and Specs Roundup; First Official Look At The Curved Edge Variant and Metal Body
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors; New Details Reveal Metal Frame, Curved Edges For The New FlagshipT-Mobile

The countdown has begun and Samsung fans are closely watching the tech giant's next big move. On 1 March, 2015, the curtain will finally come down and the next Galaxy smartphone will be unveiled.

Before that, Samsung is building the suspense in its old fashioned way. Through series of teaser videos and images, Samsung wants to make the guessing-game even more interesting and the latest ones spell out more details than ever before.

After Apple took its design concept in the iPhone to a whole new level, Samsung faces the pressure to invent something new. Acting upon that, the new video teaser gives a glimpse of a full metal body phone, finally bidding adieu to plastic build. The video gives more clues on the design and build with promising statements such as "Metals will flow," and "borders will disappear." Samsung also shared a visual teaser of the Galaxy S6 on its official Instagram page, backing up the metal structure reports.

If these statements are any indication, Samsung's next flagship will feature extremely thin bezels on the sides with overall metal padding. The statement also hints at the curved-edge display variant of the upcoming flagship. The video shows a brief hint of a curved edge display in its latest video. To support the claim, T-Mobile gave the first official look of the Samsung Galaxy S Edge, as it is being called according to SamMobile.

The U.S. carrier has a clear picture of what appears to be the Galaxy S Edge with curved edge display. Only one side of the phone is visible, which does not confirm the speculations by SamMobile about dual-sided edge screens for the Galaxy S6 companion. According to the publication, the edges of the screen will be 30 to 50 % less curvy compared to the curved on the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung will unveil its new flagship and companion flagship at a special Unpacked even on 1 March. Besides the metal frame and curved edges, there are several unconfirmed details about the upcoming devices. If rumors are true, Samsung will use a 64-bit Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 processor based on the country, 5.30inch 4K AMOLED display, 20MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front snapper, wireless charging and more, according to GalaxyS6Samsung. The flagship is going to ditch the popular golden hue and come in white, black, blue and red colors.

Watch the video below: