Samsung Galaxy S6 Shown In New Leaked Images; Hints Of iPhone 6 Seen In Design
New Leaked Images Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Shows iPhone 6 ResemblanceXDA Developers Forum screenshot

Samsung is back on the radar with teaser videos and images of its upcoming Galaxy flagship.

Although the tech giant is trying to conceal the real deal from its fans, leaked images from sources offer some details about the unannounced smartphone. The new Galaxy S6 images that were leaked on XDA-developers forum show the new Samsung flagship from various angles. The images were reportedly from AT&T headquarters.

With the help of these leaked shots, we can conclude that the smartphone will feature aluminium unibody as indicated in previous reports. As the smartphone is not switched on in the photos, we cannot comment on the software upgrades. But, shots of the exterior design sit well with the Galaxy S6 leaks we have seen in recent weeks.

As expected, the leaked images show the Galaxy S6 featuring new metal chassis but not the much-talked about curved edges. This suggests the device in the leaked images is an early prototype, which tends to vary from the finished product, or Samsung is going to have two variants of the flagship smartphone. If the images are indeed true, there is a hint of iPhone 6 design that can be seen at the top and the bottom of the phone.

Besides the non-curved metal chassis, the images highlight other details such as a non-removable battery and lack of a microSD card slot. The images also show a micro SIM tray in the side of the handset and a glass back, moving away from the company's traditional scheme. The fingerprint scanner also appears to be bigger, suggesting the non-swipe unlocking method and a relocated speaker and headphone jack to the bottom of the phone, Forbes pointed.

Thankfully, we do not have to wait longer to find out what Samsung has in store for us. The company has scheduled an Unpacked event on 1 March to unveil the new flagship device of 2015.