South Korean consumer electronics giant, LG has reportedly confirmed that the forthcoming company flagship smartphone, pegged to be as G3 will boast of 2K display.

The speculations of 2K resolution in LG G3 first hit headline through American network carrier, Sprint's UAprof (UserAgent profile) page, then technology blog, Engadget independently enquired with LG top executives to confirm the reports.

With affirmation directly coming from the company, LG will be the first tier-brand to come up with 2K (2560x1440p) resolution, which is twice the display quality of current flagship phones which feature 1920x1080p resolution. Two Chinese firms, Vivo (Xplay 3S) and Oppo (Find 7) are the first to release the high-resolution phones to the market.

Beside boasting rich-display, 5.5-inch LG G3 is also expected to feature company's in-house built Octa-core processor code-named Odin, 3GB RAM, a 16.0-megapixel camera/13.0-megapixel with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizations), 2.1-megapixel front camera and value added attributes such as fingerprint sensor-based biometric technology for secured screen locking and water-proof certifications. 

Word on the streets of South Korea (courtesy, ZDNet) is that, LG , in a bid to hurt the Samsung Galaxy S5 sales is reportedly planning to launch the G3 as early as May/June, a couple of months ahead of the G2's one year-cycle completion.

In late 2013, both South Korean technology behemoths, Samsung and LG had a similar showdown when they raced to launch the industry's first flexible screen smartphones - Galaxy Round and G Flex. Though Samsung won the race in launching the first curved smartphone ahead of LG, the latter had the last laugh as the company's ergonomically designed true-flexible phone got praised from tech pundits for its innovative self-healing back cover (can recover daily wear and tear scratches in seconds, warmer the environment, faster the recovery).

LG's G Flex went on to get released in multiple global markets in Europe, North America and even in India, while its rival Galaxy Round never left the shores of the home market. Now the battles between the local counter parts are set to reach a new height in few months time.

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