As Consumer Electronic Show (CES) nears, more and more number of rumours and sneak peeks regarding the proposed Samsung smartphone, Galaxy S5 are doing the rounds.

The handset reportedly features a multi-party video conferencing service, which is not available in any of the smartphones till now.

This feature is more than a rumour, as it has been spotted under a filing at the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

This multi-party video conferencing feature will enable users to hold a video-conference with a certain number of people at the same time. While this feature is widely speculated to be a standalone app in Galaxy S5, it could even arrive as an update to Samsung's proprietary ChatOn messaging service, which already features a one-way conference call, reports Sam Mobile.

However, not many details are known about this service as nothing has been made official as yet.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumour Round-Up

Design: From the recent revelation of the metal chassis, which is said to be the internal frame for Galaxy S5 smartphone, it can be speculated that Samsung finally is showing signs of metal usage, instead of plastic. However, the final product might be different.

Display: The Korean firm is rumoured to bring a 2K display for Samsung Galaxy S5, along with a 560ppi pixel display. This could also result in slicker animations and videos.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S5 is aiming to arrive with 3 additional megapixels as compared to its previous version, galaxy S4's 13 megapixel. It has been also noted that the Samsung Galaxy S5's 16 megapixel camera could also feature LG's OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), technology which is currently sported by LG G2.

The firm has also announced a new CMOS camera sensor tipped as ISOCELL, which is almost certain to feature in S5.

Processor and OS: The Galaxy S5 is said to at least match Galaxy Note 3, if not beat it. The Phablet, already available in the market includes a 2.3GHz quad-core processor with 64-bit processors on the cards. Android 4.4 Kitkat OS is likely to arrive with the handset out of the box.

Memory: The S5 could feature a massive 4GB RAM taking advantage of the 64-bit chip, reports Techradar. However, if the specs stick to those of Galaxy Note 3, the handset would still feature a good 3GB RAM.

However, this revelation by No Where Else, a French website, has raised questions on the previous concept image of the handset seen online, which looked like the existing LG G-Flex.