Flagship Wars Begin: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9; Which Smartphone Will Woo Consumers
Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Compared With HTC One M9; Which Flagship Has A Better Chance In WinningReuters

During the lead up to the Galaxy S5 unveiling, numerous rumors indicated that the phone would come in metal body, which never fructified. Now, a report has surfaced online that Samsung is indeed planning to launch a premium model with a brand new Galaxy series later this year.

South Korean publications, ETNews has claimed that Samsung had been working on the tentatively titled 'Project F' along with Galaxy S5 for over a year now. It plans to develop the premium metal smartphone and is said to launch with a moniker Galaxy F later this year.

Besides boasting a metal-body, Galaxy F will reportedly boast QHD (aka 2K) 2560x1440p display and a 16.0-megapixel main camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), said the website without delving into other expected key specifications, leaving fans in tenterhooks.

If rumors are to be believed, Galaxy F is most likely to house the Samsung's yet-to-be announced 'Exynos Infinity' chipset, which is said to be based on 64-bit architecture and feature a minimum 3GB RAM, since Galaxy Note 3 already boasts same physical memory.

Considering it has said that the work on Galaxy F was in progress for over a year now, questions are being raised on why it did not launch along with Galaxy S5.

However, a tech enthusiast Ricciolo has answered the query. He said that Samsung is waiting for rival HTC to release the company's 2014 marquee phone codenamed M8 in April to the market and then launch Galaxy S5 metal variant in May.

"Due to M8 shipping in April, you will see the LUXURY S5 version with metal+exy+better screen in about 2 months from now on... ;)", he tweeted.

Even the popular tech blogger, Eldar Murtazin, credited for accurately predicting two Galaxy S device launches, concurred (via Twitter) that Galaxy S5 expensive model is certain to make a debut, while replying to a follower.

The new revelation is sure to cheer Samsung fans, but until the company comes to the media to clear the air about the rumors, the report remains as speculations only.