Samsung Unpacked 2014 Live Stream: Watch Galaxy S5 Launch Live Online
Samsung fans residing in other corners of the world need not feel disheartened to miss the unveiling program as South Korean will be streaming live webcast of the event online. Samsung Tomorrow

With just a few hours left before the most awaited Galaxy S5 is launched at the 'Samsung Unpacked 5 Episode 1' event, Barcelona, buzz around the next generation smartphone has seemingly reached a crescendo with the release of the second official teaser video- titled- 'The Next GALAXY' giving a glimpse of what is in store on 24 February.

Samsung's new 37-second video clip has sparked-off a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts and fans alike. To help get a better perspective on the Galaxy S5 specifications, we have leafed through multiple reports and put together a list of probable key features, which are likely to make the cut. [READ: Expectations from Mobile World Conference 2014]

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Display and Design:

Following the launch of Galaxy S3 in 2012, Samsung dethroned the American giant Apple as the world smartphone leader(later that year) and the company garnered a lot of attention for the Galaxy S4 unveiling in 2013. Despite boasting of top-of-the-line features, it got panned for its inferior plastic cover-case and being less innovative in terms of evolution from its predecessor.

In Late 2013, it followed with the launch of Galaxy Note 3 boasting of faux leather stitching on the rear-side, but again failing to impress the critics. Since then, there is a growing call from Samsung fans and tech enthusiasts to South Korean company, to make the next generation smartphone truly look 'premium' with a metallic finish.

If recent reports are to be believed, the company has reportedly made a radical change not only in the type of building material but also the design of the upcoming smartphone.

Samsung's 2014 marquee phone, Galaxy S5 is said to come in two variants - a premium variant that is expected to boast of a metallic rear-side, while the other model that comes in plastic cover.

Galaxy S5 variant's name revealed?

American popular cover-case maker, Spigen has purportedly leaked the monikers of the Galaxy S5 variants. It has listed separate cover-cases for Galaxy S5 'Prime' and another with just 'Galaxy S5' nomenclature,a standard model at online store

Besides revealing the device names, Spigen has also given us the un-official sneak peek at the phone's design structure.

The Galaxy S5 flaunting Spigen's new cover is shown to have a rectangular body with curvy corners. We can also see shiny metal (probably Volume rockers) button on the top-left side on the edge, an opening (seems to be SIM slot) on the right side and a home button at the bottom of the display. [To view the snapshots, Click here]

It is to be noted that Spigen had pulled off a similar stunt ahead of Google-LG Nexus and the smartphone's design did turn out to be true.

To further intensify the excitement, the Samsung's recent teaser video of 'The Next Galaxy' also hints that we might see the Galaxy S5 boasting of a water-proof body as well. 

A recent teaser image released by the telecom network carrier O2 in Germany had also hinted that the Galaxy S5 might boast this rugged feature. The promotional ad shows the smartphone drowned in the water. [Checkout the teaser image here]

If the Galaxy S5 really does come with a water-resistant metal body case having water-resistant feature, then Samsung will certainly raise the bar for the rivals to compete.

In terms of display resolution, both Galaxy S5 variants are said to flaunt a 5.25-inch screen, but differ in resolutions. The premium variant is expected to boast a 2K (2560x1440p) display resolution with pixel density of 560 ppi (pixels per inch), while other model is expected to at least sport a full HD (1920x1080p) display with 440 plus ppi.

Check-out the second official teaser video of Samsung Galaxy S5:

Processor, RAM and storage:

We have already witnessed Apple launching iPhone 5S (in late 2013) with 64-bit architecture based A8 chipset, so it is obvious to expect Samsung to pull up its socks and come out with a blazing Galaxy S5 with its own efficient chipset. Company's semiconductor arm has already teased a chipset titled 'Exynos Infinity', which many believe it to be 64-bit based Octa-core processor, so it is safe to assume that Galaxy S5 would boast of an advanced CPU capable of matching  Apple's A8 caliber.  

Rumour has it that one of the Galaxy S5 variants would ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 series (CPU is capable of clocking 2.5GHz speed) processor and another with the company's in-house built 64-bit Exynos chipset

Another mentionable feature of the upcoming Galaxy S5 is that it is expected to pack a new generation 20-nanometer based LPDDR4 RAM (3G or more). Samsung claims the memory chip boasts of a high level of performance and battery efficiency compared to the current crop of physical memory chips seen inside any mobile device in the market.

Like previous iteration, Samsung is expected to rollout the smartphone with 32GB inbuilt storage having expandable options via microSD card.

Mobile Operating Systems:

We already saw Samsung launching TabPRO and NotePRO tablets with KitKat OS at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 last month, so one expects the Galaxy S5 to ship with latest Android OS (probably v4.4.2) out of the box.

Along with the new KitKat OS, Samsung is also said to incorporate the refurbished custom interface touted as a Magazine UI with simple interface, quick access to applications and visually appealing to the eyes as well.

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According to technology enthusiast, Eldar Murtazin, the fifth generation Galaxy S device would boast a top-of-the-line 16.0-megapixel main camera.

The main-camera is expected to boast ISOCELL technology with OIS (Optical image stabilization), loss-less zoom feature and 4K resolution video taking capability.

Whereas, on the front side it is said to flaunt a 3.2-megapixel camera with full HD video recording ability.

Special features:

Kids mode:

This feature is similar to the one we see in Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones (Kids Corner), wherein users can control the access to applications and the activity of their children on the handset.

Multi-hovering technology:

Korean media house, ETnews citing sources has claimed that Samsung Galaxy S5 would boast of a breakthrough 'Multi-hovering' technology.

This innovative technology is developed to enrich the 3D gaming in Galaxy S5, wherein users can play games Galaxy S5 just by moving fingers in the air above the screen. The sensors on the display is said to have an ability to catch signals from multiple hovering fingers (individual) movement as far as 30 mm (3 cm).

Head movement tracking feature:

Like last year's Galaxy S4, Samsung is also expected load gesture-control features in to the Galaxy S5. The upcoming smartphone is expected to boast of an advanced head-movement tracking feature to browse internet on the phone.

The handset's front camera boasts innovative algorithm capable of dividing the user's image into various sections, then observing the change in a particular section to carry out a specific function.

Fingerprint Sensor:

One of earliest rumors of Samsung Galaxy S5 was that the smartphone would boast an Iris Scanner, a more advanced biometric technology than the Apple iPhone 5S' finger print chip, but speculation met early death as a report emerged that the South Korean company shelved the plans owing to technological feasibility.

Now, it is said that the Company will plant finger-print sensor on the home button. Unlike Apple's Sapphire based button, Samsung is reportedly using UV coating to enhance the sensitivity.

Price details:

American business media outlet, Bloomberg citing company insider, has claimed that the South Korean technology giant is contemplating to sell Galaxy S5 (locked models) at prices lesser than its predecessors (Galaxy S4 and S3).

Apparently one American network carrier has encouraged Samsung go ahead with plan as the premium smartphone sales are tapering with the emergence of cheap Chinese smartphones (especially $100 ones).

According to the sources of SamMobile, unlocked Galaxy S5's premium variant (metal) is expected to cost €800 (around ₹67,000) and the plastic model is said hold a price-tag of around €650 (around ₹54,600).

Release Date Details:

Word on the street is that the Galaxy S5 is expected to hit select global markets as early as mid-March. It is quite possible believe this speculation cause, it is known fact Samsung huge resources and enough budget to mass produce devices in short time. Case in point, Last year, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 were both released to the markets within a month of their unveiling. 

Expected specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Standard model include:


Samsung Galaxy S5

(Prime: high-end model; Standard: normal model)


Prime: 5.25-inch Super AMOLED display with 2K (2560x1440p) resolutions and pixel density of 560 ppi (pixels per inch)

Standard: 5.25-inch Super AMOLED display with full HD (1920x1080p) resolution having 440 plus ppi


Android v4.4 KitKat OS with brand-new Magazine UI


64-bit architecture based Samsung chipset- Exynos Infinity /2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 chipset


3GB (or more)

Storage capacity

expect to come in 32GB , 64GB variants with micro SD card slot


Main: 16.0 - megapixel camera with 4K video recording 

Front: 3.2 -megapixel camera with full HD video recording


3200 mAh battery




metal casing, smart camera gesture control feature, finger print based biometric technology, water-proof and dust-resistant certifications


Metal variant: €800 (around ₹67,000); plastic variant: €650 (around ₹54,600;