Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Reuters

World's smartphone leader Samsung on Friday listed the Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit and other exclusive accessories on its official India E-store website.

Samsung Galaxy S4, which was released in Indian market in late April, did not come with wireless charging kit out-of-the-box, and now the smartphone owners have to shell out ₹2,269 for the new charging cover along with another ₹3,399 for the charging pad to enable cord free charging to the device.

Buyers can also go for the cost saving Samsung's combo offer - Wireless Charging kit comprising both charging pad and cover for ₹5,899 - saving almost a couple of hundred bucks.

Samsung charging pad comes with Qi Wireless Power Consortium Certifications; the charging mat creates electro-magnetic field and inductive coupling to charge up the smartphone and with the help of intelligent phone cover, charging stops automatically once the device is fully energized.

Other Accessories include Heart Rate Monitor (₹4,699), a chest strap which can be placed on the user's body to calculate heart beat while working out or jogging. And Body Scale for Galaxy S4 is also priced ₹4,699 and comes equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 +EDR having AAA 3ea battery and it weighs 2 kg. The data can be transferred wireless to S Health or Running Mate app in Galaxy S device so that users can monitor and strategies plans to maintain their heath.

Samsung also launched the exclusive Galaxy S4 accessories in US as well on Friday.

Price list of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories:

Item Name Product-code Price Stock Status
Wireless Charging Cover-S4 EP-CI950IWEGIN ₹2,699/- In stock
Wireless Charging Pad-S4 EP-P100IIWEGIN ₹3,399/- Not available as yet
Wireless Charging Kit-combo  pack (Pad + Cover)-S4 EP-WI950IWEGIN ₹5,899/- Not available as yet
Heart Rate Monitor-S4 EI-HH10NNBEGIN ₹4,699/- Not available as yet
Body Scale-S4 EI-HS10NNWEGIN ₹4,699/- Not available as yet