Samsung is now stepping into the shoes of Apple and introducing a Gold variant of Galaxy S4 in the gulf division with the help of social media. Apple recently launched its new smartphone iPhone5S in a gold color along with other three magnificent colors.

The colors are named as Gold Brown and Gold Pink and have been described as "elegant" in the advertisement. Since the photo was introduced in the
Gulf division, it is sketchy whether these colors will be available internationally or not, reported ABC News.

The photo of Samsung Galaxy S4, Golden variant was first published on Facebook which portrayed a Pink color device with a border of Golden color, making it clear that unlike the iPhone5S, the gold variant of S4 has just a touch of gold. It is not yet known if the gold hue will appear even on the back panel of the device.

The picture online does not speak much about the upcoming variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 but shows off two different finishes, one with a dark brown bezel and the other one with a light pink one, reported Gizbot.

Though, the South Korean company released the photo on its social media account, it has not released any official statement about the new Golden variant. The new variant is also yet to be listed on the official website for purchase.

Along with Samsung and Apple, HTC is also rumored to be working on a Gold variant of the HTC One. While the trend was started by Apple, it now appears that other tech giants too are following suit. Apple's gold variant is said to have received a positive response in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB is presently available in a Purple color variant for $604 and iPhone5S 16GB variant in Gold color is available for $649.

The South Korean company is also speculated to be working on the Samsung Galaxy S5.