Galaxy S3 Battery issues
Galaxy S3 Battery issues

Samsung Galaxy S3 is facing a new problem in the form of battery drain, which is reportedly caused by a software bug.

In fact, the latest problem is not found by majority of users; but a few consumers found the fault in their devices. The issue was also spotted by XDA-Developers, who claim that a value in a system file is causing all the trouble.

The power used when the phone is in stand-by mode is 10 times more compared to the power the phone should use during normal usage. Many other developers studied the problem and one of them found that an error in framework-res.apk is responsible for the mess. The power drain value for cell standby is set to 34mA, ten times higher than a reasonable value of 3.4mA.

The issue is not widespread, and Samsung has not yet acknowledged the latest problem. Most of the users seem to be enjoying their Galaxy S3 smartphone without any trouble. There is no problem with the units being supplied to United States, but the problem was detected lies in the smartphone's international version.

Some people reportedly found a way to fix this issue manually. However, it is better to wait until Samsung issues a patch through an update.