HTC has shown strong branding skills by introducing the new gorgeous design and polished user experience with the launch of its HTC One X smartphone. With each passing day, the newest series in the form of "HTC One" has come as a relief to the smartphone giant.

With minimalistic form factor and super specification, HTC One X has received the attention it requires from all quarters. The smartphone is thinner, lighter and features better version of Sense UI. When it comes to design, HTC never compromises and it is a well-known fact that they have one of the best designed smartphones in the market today. Polycarbonate material is used so that it doesn't interfere with the phone's signal and it is easy to hold the phone even though it has a big frame.

The easily accessible micro-SIM built along the body and MHL-capable micro-USB port drag attention. Moreover, HTC One X colors in display looks more natural and white color brighter than that of AMOLED supported Galaxy Nexus.

The phone also boasts of the fastest camera-phone tag. Included in the phone is a quad core processor which is able to handle almost any tasks effortlessly like switching between different tasks without stop although heavier tasks like video and gaming receive some pause. The web browser performance is impeccable as it delivers most of the heavy web pages without any glitches. In fact, quad-core processor in HTC One X even surpasses the performance in tablets like Asus Transformer Prime and Galaxy Note. It has pretty much everything in its sleeves to counter any showdown from Samsung Galaxy S3.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S3 is a giant in making which is specially made to conquer the smartphone world. Almost 10 million devices have already been pre-ordered. According to Samsung, the smartphone is inspired by nature as it sees, listens, responds and allows you to share the greatest moments.

Even though HTC One X is lighter than Galaxy S3, the latter seems lighter in hands than One X. This means texture plays a great role in the way phone feels in the hand. Many things in Galaxy S3 are very similar to Galaxy S than Galaxy S2 in terms of curved edges and design. One of the best surprises in Galaxy S3 is the availability of 128GB storage option due to microSD which can support up to 64 GB along with 64 GB internal option. HTC One X has no card slot option. There is no big difference when it comes to screen in both these phones. However, Galaxy S3 sports Super AMOLED display to its advantage. There is a quad core processor in Galaxy S3. But HTC One X has a faster processor.

The voice recognition feature, known as S Voice, has been compared to Siri in iPhone 4S. This gives Galaxy S3 an edge over HTC One X. And the Smart Stay feature has the ability to track your eyeballs to make sure the display stays lit when you are looking at it.

Not much can be talked about Galaxy S3's camera as it has Galaxy S2 hardware on board. If you like what you see on Galaxy S2 in terms of camera, then Galaxy S3 won't disappoint you. Keeping all these points at hand, here is a look at few of the features both the phone hold against each other.

HTC One X has a few reasons to cheer over Galaxy S3. HTC's phone has faster CPU, USB mass storage support, faster uploads at 5.8 MB per second compared to Galaxy S3 which gives 3 MB per second.

However, Galaxy S3 has wireless charging option, more battery power (2,100mAh versus 1,800mAh of HTC One X), more internal storage, microSD slot support, one-inch bigger screen and is thinner than HTC One X.