Samsung Galaxy S10 is widely praised for its overall performance, camera, display and design and the company decided to improve certain functions such as the camera and it appears to have backfired. Samsung Galaxy S10 users are reporting several problems with their phones after installing the latest update (XXU1ASE5).

According to SamMobile, which independently verified some of the issues in the Galaxy S10 post update, users are reporting that third-party apps like Twitter, Nova Launcher are affected by a freezing issue. Users are further complaining about other problems with the new phone as well, which have been shared on Reddit and XDA platforms.

Samsung Galaxy S10's update is causing the entire phone to freeze, which suggests the issue is not limited to the apps. Users also report that even though the power options are displayed upon long pressing the power button, the restart or power off options do not respond. Some users also reported that pressing the power button doesn't lock the device but makes the screen go dark, the report added.

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"Absolutely ridiculous that the QA let this through without testing thoroughly, something on the scheduler or RAM management is causing the phone to come to a complete stand-still, touch stops responding for 10-15 seconds at a time, suddenly everything moves, and it freezes again, rinse and repeat," wrote one user on Reddit.

While there's no immediate solution for this problem, it appears doing a full reboot by holding down power and volume down buttons does the trick. But it's hard to imagine doing that every time the phone freezes, especially when you have an important task at hand that involves using your phone.

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"It is an absolute nightmare to use! Unlocking is so damn slow that if you unlock using face instead of a fingerprint, the fingerprint icon is still on the home screen for 5 seconds. The phone app randomly freezes and I am not even able to accept calls. While calling me, the caller hears a ringing tone but no call alert on my phone. Process system not responding error. Random reboots. Kicking myself for updating to this [sic]," wrote another irate user who updated the Galaxy S10.

Samsung hasn't responded to the series of problems Galaxy S10 users are facing since the update. But if you haven't updated your phone to the latest build, it's best to stay clear until Samsung patches it.