Keeping aside the regular Samsung-based Galaxy S and Note series of smartphones and phablets for a while, we have one of the most innovative smartphones from the South Korean tech giant here. We are talking, of course, about the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

While the handset's gift remains in its curved edge display, the gadget itself looks quite the decent offering, not to mention it has arrived packing a boatload of features. Apart from that, the handset is also a wonderful looking offering that actually falls true to the entire "think out of the box" philosophy.

The Note Edge was already officially launched in India December last with its curved display. It was also revealed that the handset would go on sale in India, starting January first week via selected retailers at a price tag of Rs. 64,990.

Edge 1
Samsung Galaxy Note

Available in 'Charcoal Black' and 'Frost White' in India, there are chances that you might have already landed the handset. And if that is so (and for those still undecided), then you should also know the key facts about the handset that you ought to keep in mind. Here are the 5 most important of all.

The Curve Isn't a Publicity Stunt
When the Galaxy Note Edge was first revealed, the curve side of the smartphone attracted most of the attention world over. While a few were hopeful of the relatively new ball game from Samsung, others simply shoved it, calling it a gimmick. Fast forward, Samsung has proven that the phone's curve is more than just a publicity stunt by creating a host of OS strips in order to make the curved section work. The curve can update you on a number of queries, including Twitter posts, weather and news.

Not Good Enough for Southpaws?
The curve on the Galaxy Note Edge has been placed on the right side of the phone, and that's not really a big deal for half of the crowd. However, it could indeed be a big deal for the other half of the crowd that's left-handed. With the curve placed on the right side of the handset, it could be an added headache for a few southpaws to reach out, although nothing serious.

edge 2
Samsung Galaxy Note

The S Pen Is So Much Better Now
Samsung's earlier stylus offerings were okay, but not to the extent that you would take it out every day for a run on your handset. You have your fingers for that. However, the S Pen that arrives with the Galaxy Note Edge has immensely enhanced, compared to its immediate predecessors. As of now, there are two extra pen styles: fountain and highlighter. You can even use it to take grab shots from websites.

The Screen is Flippable
Another nifty, yet useful feature that has been loaded onto the Galaxy Note Edge is the option to flip the screen. Provided that you don't find fault in the phone's home button located on top of the screen, the flipping screen is quite the feature that emphasises on the easiness in usability. Take a bow, Samsung!

edge 3
Samsung Galaxy Note

Screen Panels Can Only Go Forward
The Galaxy Note Edge's display may not be the best in the industry, but it definitely doesn't shy away from offering quite the decent pixel resolution. And moreover, the handset has been designed in such a way that it becomes easier to access your applications. Fans can also take heart from a previous report that stated that the panel will evolve further once more software partners are on board.