Apparent good news from Samsung: Have the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones been deprecated?
Apparent good news from Samsung: Have the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones been deprecated?Samsung Mobile (Official) Website

Update: Samsung has now officially stated that it would make adjustments in shipment supplies of Galaxy Note 7 handsets in order to inspect these and conduct quality control analysis, reported Reuters. 

Original Story:

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, whose infamy at this point in time is probably even more eye-grabbing than the popularity of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge combined, will reportedly not be sold due to the fact that even owners of replacement handsets have said that their units caught fire, emitted smoke and even caused health hazards. These aspects have seemingly forced Samsung to halt the production of the new Note 7 devices.

As per a Reuters report, that quotes unnamed trusted sources and the Yonhap news agency, Samsung Electronics has currently announced a temporary suspension on the production of Galaxy Note 7 handsets in regions such as the United States and China. However, it is not known whether the latest update applies to other geographies such as the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

The reason behind Samsung suspending production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones has been attributed to reports, in which owners of these devices stated that even the replacement smartphones offered by Samsung caught fire thereby opening up the possibility of a potential safety hazard. Samsung is yet to come out with an official statement or an update in respect to the production of new (and reportedly safe) Galaxy Note 7 units.

The latest reported development is good news for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners (even those owning "safe" Note 7 smartphones) as not only major risks with regard to user safety would be mitigated, but Samsung would get ample time to evaluate what went wrong with its Galaxy Note 7 handsets and thereby come out with clear answers to not only its loyalists, but also the worldwide technology community as a whole.