Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched in India
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched in IndiaTwitter/Samsung Mobile India

If you are a Samsung loyalist, it should not be difficult to gauge the latest developments, as prices of the recent Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have received cuts by as much as Rs. 5,000. The reduction in price is official as these are being reflected on Samsung's online store.

Reasons behind Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge receiving significant price-cuts could be many but the general conception is that the South Korea-based company's Galaxy Note 7 is set to be released in India on Sept. 2 after much delay.

Also, the latest developments are contrary to Samsung's positioning of both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, as both the handsets are flagship devices, and a price-cut (whether it is officially by Samsung or by third-party e-tailers) seemingly reflects a brand's insecurity with respect to drawing continued customers towards an already existing device, as well as buyers' anticipation towards a new about-to-be-launched gadget.

As far as the above offer is concerned, it has been effected by e-tailers like Amazon where the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge can currently be purchased at Rs. 43,400 and Rs. 50,900 respectively; thereby representing a Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 6,000 discount, respectively.

Samsung's official eShop is also selling a 32 GB variant of the Galaxy S7 at Rs. 43,400. A 32 GB Galaxy S7 Edge variant is being sold here at Rs. 50,900.

So if you have been aspiring to own either Samsung's Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge, now is the right time to do so.