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Since the launch of Samsung's flagship Phablet, Galaxy Note 3, number of issues regarding the region-lock restriction of the handset has sprung up on the net creating confusion among buyers.

Here are the alternating versions of the users as compared to that of the Samsung's.

As Thought Before:
Previously it was noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would need to be activated with the SIM from the same region from where the device is bought, after which it can be used on any foreign SIM card.

For instance, if a user buys a Galaxy Note 3 device from the UK region, before using it from AT&T or T-mobile American SIM cards, one needs to start a device with a UK SIM card.

If the activation is not performed in the particular order, the device will get locked and would have to be sent to Samsung or its partners to get unlocked.

Confusion Adds-Up:

According to the XDA-developers forum thread, many of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users have been complaining about their handsets being locked. It seems like many European region models after being activated with a European SIM card, would not work even when a foreign SIM card is used in the device.

The handsets bought from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden or UK are said to have stopped working with the local SIM cards of Africa and Asia (Egypt and Thailand), according to the forum.

Samsung's Different Take:

One of the emails from the Samsung Customer Support has been posted on Clove (online retailer) blog which mentions a different story altogether.

"For instance, if you purchase a Note 3 in the UK and put a foreign SIM card in it, then it will lock and will need to be sent to a service centre to get unlocked. However, if you put a UK SIM card into the Note 3 first, then it will recognise that it is a UK SIM card in a UK model and wont lock. Then, if you go abroad, you can still use a foreign SIM card in it," stated the post, which is the same assumption made on the first place.

Information on the Package

However, the information sticker, which comes with the handset package, states exactly the opposite to what Samsung says, according to Android Authority. Images can be seen here.

Images show stickers from the American and European packaging, clearly stating that the model will only work with American and European SIM cards. Nothing is however mentioned about the foreign SIM usage.

An image shows a packed Note 3 handset with a sticker stating "European Model: This product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator within Europe."

There are still a number of questions on the region-locking restrictions, which are to be answered by the Korean tech firm. This confusion might lead to losing of a large chunk of users worldwide.