Samsung's recently launched flagship phablet, Galaxy Note 3, is set to have  a new variant, Galaxy Note 3 Active. Being a new variant, the Galaxy Note 3 Active is expected to come with the most awaited innovation of the Korean tech firm, YOUM flexible screen technology, by October.

The YOUM flexible screen technology was displayed by Samsung earlier this year in the CES 2013 in Las Vegas event. A prototype handset has been showcased by the firm, which includes a screen bent towards one side of the handset, the area stereotypically used for volume controls and camera buttons by most of the smartphones.

The news came from one of the reports from The Asian Daily, which quoted one of the Samsung officials confirming the limited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices with bendable display.

It has been also noted that since the Galaxy Note 3 Active will be sporting a flexible screen, the device is likely to arrive with a plastic OLED bendable display, which can be folded in any shape and is extremely lightweight and durable.

The firm however, kept the dates of release under cover.

The limited quantity of the flexible screen sporting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active indicates that Samsung is not fully confident of the technology and hence wants to get some feedback by the users by releasing the device in limited numbers.

The flexible screen YOUM technology video can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: Samsung Tomorrow/ Youtube]

In related news, with the announcement of Galaxy Note 3 phablet by Samsung, issues of region-lock have surfaced online disappointing a few buyers.

It has been noted that the European countries are under the region-lock radar by Samsung, whereas the Asia and the Australia region is said to be free from the restriction.

Some of the expected Samsung devices listed for region-lock other than Note 3 include Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Mini.