Director Sampath Nandi, who is presently busy promoting Ravi Teja's "Bengal Tiger", has finally opened up about how he was upset about missing out on Power star Pawan Kalyan's "Gabbar Singh 2". 

Sampath Nandi was roped in to direct Pawan Kalyan in the sequel of his blockbuster movie "Gabbar Singh". He had even worked on its script for several months, but the project was shelved as Power star was busy with the launch of his political party. Several speculations were made about the causes of the film being shelved, but the director kept mum on the issue and went on to work on his next venture.

However, looks like he is finally ready to speak about it. "These kind of situations are very common in film industry. It was my dream to do a film with him, but due to some unexpected situations the project was shelved. I felt very bad for some time but moved ahead in life," he said in an interview with 123 Telugu.

In another interview, the director admitted to opting out of "Gabbar Singh 2" even before the movie was shelved. "Pawan Kalyan came up with a story for Gabbar Singh 2 for which we worked together. I worked on the screenplay for the movie. Yes, we have decided to work separately after that and I came out of the project," Sampath Nandi told Filmy Buzz.

Sampath Nandi says that he has learned lot from Pawan Kalyan. "Sharrath Marar, Pawan Kalyan and me have a very good rapport and I learned a lot from Pawan Kalyan," the director told the movie portal, when quizzed about his relationship with the Power Star.

"I can tell you I reached a kind of maturity level after some of the conversations I had with Pawan Kalyan. He is there during all my failures and you know what? I have even improved my shot taking skills by learning it from him. It is for sure that I will narrate a story to him very soon," Sampath added.