Sameera Reddy has written a letter on her social media page which could inspire people who are going through depression. She has spoken about her own struggles and thanked her dear ones who helped her to overcome the bad phase.

Sameera Reddy
Sameera Reddy opens up about fighting depression.Sameera Reddy Instagram

She begins with the questions that used to linger in her mind as she writes, "Was I 'still' sexy Sam? Can I now be branded a 'yummy mummy' ? How many followers did I have ? Was my worth still valid ? Was I now a 'Former' actress ? Just a 'Mother'? Bollywood friends I can 'plug' in selfies ? this was April 2019. I was coming back from a long break from the public eye and was asked these questions by an industry person as to what image was i going to project??. [sic]"

Emotional Struggle
The actress throws light at the self-worth issues and emotional struggle after embracing motherhood. She added, "I had resurfaced after struggling with Post Partum Depression after Hans, lots of weight on me, self worth issues, a major emotional struggle and confusion with where I stood in my own mind. A career girl was now 'just a mother' . Lost . So I surrendered . I remember telling Akshai, I can't hide . I can't lie to myself . I struggle . I'm as scared as anyone else out there . I don't have a plan . All I know is I want to own it and have any other woman feel she can too . Own her flaws , her scars , her struggles , her weight , her losing battles, her low self worth, her grey hair , her hair loss , her cellulite, her pimples , her age , her pain, her expectations. And that's #imperfectlyperfect . [sic]"

Sameera Reddy
Sameera Reddy.Sameera Reddy Instagram

Love Yourself
The 41-year old tries to lift the people's spirit by saying that loving yourself is a key to remain positive and there is a beauty in imperfection. "Many of my posts aim to remind people that accepting and loving yourself is the most powerful tool to achieve a positive space . And I'm so grateful to have our community of amazing women and men who want change, who seek a real space, who know there is a place for everyone and we don't need to pull each other down to survive . The past year has only taught me that the truth does set you free. We're all in this together ❤️ #imperfectlyperfect. [sic]" she ends.