Samantha's Bikini Instagram Post
Samantha's Bikini Instagram PostSamantha Instagram Account

Social media is a double-edged sword for celebrities. While it has given them a stage to interact with their fans and hear good things they say, the stars will also have to face the wrath of people who dislike them for their own reasons. And Samantha, who will tie the knot with Naga Chaitanya later this year, was in the receiving end after she posted a picture of a bikini.

Samantha, on her Instagram account, posted a picture of her two-piece bikini with a caption 'minivacaystartstoday.' Her fans welcome the picture and asked her to enjoy the short vacation, but a section of her followers slammed her for sharing the photo. There was an attempt of moral policing asking her not to wear such dress in public.

Reacting to one of the comments, she wrote, "Generations will learn what exactly. That you will be judged not by character but by what you wear. Shame on you and your shallow thinking. [sic]" Yet the negative comments continued to pour in.

It reached a stage where a person responded to her latest comment by claiming that Naga Chaitanya's family would not tolerate it. "ur life is not just yours. Generations will learn from u, samantha, I seriously doubt for how long will the akkinenis tolerate these #nagachaitanya,. [sic]" 

Samantha in bikini.PR Handout

And she blocked the person and wrote, "How I love the 'block' option on twitter . In seconds you just don't exist (sic)."

"#samantharuthprabhu, Thanks 4 teaching me a lesson today.Just get lost. Am waiting 2 c u pay the price for the nonsense that u created today. #samantha, fans are not meant 2 b ur chamchas praising u always. Understand that ur well wishers are the ones who object u. samantha, u dont exist any more for me either. Get lost u overconfident and arrogant lady," the blocked person posted the tweet before deactivating his account, reports The Indian Express.