Pooja Hegde's Instagram account has been hacked and the actress took to her Twitter account to inform this. She wrote, "Spent the last hour stressing about the safety of my Instagram account.

"Thanking my technical team for instant help at this hour. Finally, got my hands back on my Instagram Smiling face with 3 hearts Any message, follow back or post in d past hour from my account has been done will be undone. Ty."

Pooja Hegde
Pooja HegdeInstagram

But by the time she and her team have realised it, all the necessary damage has happened. A screenshot of Pooja Hegde's story is going viral, where it is written that she doesn't find Samantha pretty.

Soon the picture went viral and later was deleted from Pooja Hegde's story. After this incident, Pooja took to social media and said her Instagram account was hacked and her technical team is trying to help her.

Screenshot of Pooja Hegde's Instagram story which went viral.Instagram

Samantha's fans did not like what happened and demanded an apology from  Pooja Hegde for insulting their favourite star on social media. #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha is currently trending on Twitter. A section of social media users is not convinced that Pooja's account was hacked and are demanding an apology from the actress.

Screenshot of Samantha's Instagram storyInstagram

Meanwhile, Samantha posted a picture of herself on her Insta story, which the symbol of peace, and has asked her fans to remain calm and silent on this issue.

But still, her fans aren't happy with what has happened and have taken it as an insult to her. This is something the actresses are going to sort out themselves.