A local Samajwadi party worker Monday shot a Block Development Officer (BDO), defying the party head and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav.

SK Srivastava, who sustained injuries in his leg in shootout, was rushed to the hospital and is now being treated. Meanwhile, the police have arrested Bharat Singh Yadav, who had injured himself during the fight.

The injured BDO officer claimed this attack as an act of revenge. Srivastava said that he filed an FIR against the accused, Yadav, as he tried to rig the election to the 2010 legislative council.

The SP party bears the tag of "goonda raj" for the outright hooliganism practiced by the party workers over the years. However, CM Yadav, who vowed to stub the violence and restore law and order in the state, is now facing the challenge from his own party members.