Salman Khan
Salman KhanVarinder Chawla

Salman Khan has been sentenced to 5 years jail time after he was found guilty in the 2002 hit-and-run case on Wednesday. The news has had a devastating effect on his industry friends and fans across the globe.

While some have kept him in their prayers, there are two popular personalities who are being slammed on Twitter for their outrageous comments in support of the superstar.

Jewellery designer and Susanne Khan's sister Farah Khan Ali and singer Abhijeet's social media posts drew immense flak and have been dubbed as 'insensitive' by many.

While Farah wrote, "A sad day personally for me to know that Salman Khan has been convicted with maximum punishment. @BeingSalmanKhan," Abhijeet posted, "Roads are meant for cars and dogs not for people sleeping on them.. @BeingSalmanKhan is not at fault at all..@arbaazSkhan @sonakshisinha."

Their first tweets were followed by a string of posts, in which they further expressed their opinion on the judgement. However, it didn't go down well with many. Here are some posts in reaction to the fierce views:

Seema Tiwari: @Arpit_Jn @FarahKhanAli Dumbo celebrities! They weren't sleeping on the road! The SUV crushed them while they were sleeping on the footpath!

Apoorvi: @FarahKhanAli Looks like YOU are high today (sic).

Dhaval Fofandi: @FarahKhanAli nd it's good to drink n drive right? Poor people don't have home to sleep, why don't u provide them ?!!!

Tushar Roy: @FarahKhanAli u r really stupid.

Zaara: The govt oh! The rich people should travel in planes so that they dont crush anyone. I have sympathy for him but you are mad @FarahKhanAli

Rahulkr1234: @abhijeetsinger ha bhai, tum Desh ke kanoon ke uper ho,apna court khol ke Salman ko free kar do

Amit Adichwal: @abhijeetsinger @BeingSalmanKhan @arbaazSkhan Yes roads r meant for driving and not pavements, MORON

Prashanth adey: @abhijeetsinger @BeingSalma samne hota toh jhute se marta tere muh par.. Tum sab saale k***e hoo

Piyush Kr Srivastava: @abhijeetsinger @BeingSalmanKhan shame on you can drive while drunk.idiot

Shubham Patni: @abhijeetsinger @beingsalmankhan @sonakshisinha Shame on myself that i followed u Moron:-

Shruti Rao: @abhijeetsinger @tetisheri who is this idiot and why are people even giving him attention?@BeingSalmanKhan @sonakshisinha

Additionally, embedded below are tweets from the celebs which triggered a spate of reaction: