• 'Muhuraat' shot of 'Quaidi No.210'
    'Muhuraat' shot of 'Quaidi No.210'IANS

Producer Ranjeet Sharma 's "Quaidi No.210", which is based on Salman Khan's infamous Black Buck hunting case, went on floors with the "muhurat" shot in Filmistan Studio on Monday.

The film has newcomer and Salman's look-alike Usmaan Khan playing the lead role. Salman's cellmate Mahesh Saini has also been roped in to play himself in the film.

"The film begins with Mumbai and ends in Jodhpur. Sometimes, being human is a crime if you are celebrity. Anything you do touches headlines. We are touching upon that Salman who believes in being human." editor-turned-director Prakash Jha, told IANS.

"I have always had this strange fascination for Salman Khan. He is simple, unassuming and does things from his heart. The film touches upon a part of his life that only a few were privy to. And those who were part of Salman's life during this period are part of our film." Sharma added. 

Salman was sentenced to one-year and five-year jail terms for hunting two Chinkaras at Bhawad and a Black Buck at Ghoda Farm in Rajasthan in September 1998. The judgment was delivered in April 2006. After spending three days in jail, he secured bail.

The case has seen many twists and turns, with the latest being the Supreme Court setting aside a Rajasthan High Court order suspending his conviction.

The verdict in the case is expected on 25 February.

The film will showcase Salman's three-day long stay inside the Jodhpur prison, where he was identified as 'Quaidi No. 210'.

Salman was convicted in February 2006 for hunting two chinkaras in Rajasthan and given a one-year sentence, which was stayed by a higher court after he went for an appeal against it. 

However, on 10 April 2006, Salman was sentenced to five years in prison and remanded to Jodhpur jail. He got bail three days later.  

In July 2012, the Rajasthan High Court finalised charges against Salman and other accused in the case.