Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Salman Khan

Those who have been keeping a track of the industry people would know that Salman Khan is one such person who forgives but never forgets. His history with Vivek Oberoi, Arijit Singh and Ranbir Kapoor is a living testament to it.

Though Ranbir and Salman never spoke about their tussle openly, it has remained one of Bollywood's worst kept secrets. The duo neither sees each other eye-to-eye nor do they visit the same event ever. Among the many hidden skeletons Bollywood has in its closet, one of them is the ugly fight that took place between Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor at a posh pub in Mumbai before Ranbir Kapoor became a star.

As per a report in India Today, Salman Khan was enjoying himself at a club in Mumbai with good friend Sanjay Dutt. Newcomer Ranbir Kapoor, who had not made his debut yet, was also at the pub with his set of friends. One thing led to another and the two hot-headed individuals got into a verbal argument in front of the crowd. And as the argument increased, Salman Khan turned violent and slapped Ranbir Kapoor. It was only due to the timely intervention of Sanjay Dutt who reminded them that they both belong to the industry and have well-known fathers that the two left each other. An embarrassed and much younger Kapoor scion, left the pub immediately.

From Bigg Boss, charity shows, award shows to gala events; the duo has avoided coming face-to-face ever since. The fact that Alia Bhatt would be seen opposite Salman Khan in Inshaallah had paved way to the rumours of Ranbir and Salman agreeing to bury the hatchet, however, the duo doesn't seem in the mood to let bygones be bygones.

Only time will tell whether Alia would manage to bring the two together, ever.