Salman Khan
Salman KhanReuters

Bollywood actor Salman Khan may appear as guest on filmmaker Karan Johar's talk show "Koffee with Karan" which is set to kick-off its fourth season in October.

According to reports, Karan has finally managed to break the ice, inviting superstar Slaman Khan as a guest in his hugely popular show.

Salman will reportedly make an appearance in the first episode of the show's fourth season, and adjustments are being made accordingly to accommodate a new format.

Karan's new found admiration for Salman comes days after the superstar had openly joked on the sets of a reality show that the director was hesitant of working with him despite repeated requests. He added that Karan may have been restricted from casting him, giving obvious hints at Shah Rukh Khan, Karan's close friend.

Now wiith Salman's due appearance on the chat show, it will be double delight for fans as the actor is already hosting reality show "Bigg Boss", making him a regular in the television screens.

His role as host in "Bigg Boss" has taken new twists, with reports suggesting that the superstar lost his cool at contestant VJ Andy.

Apparently, Andy mocked Salman for forgetting his lines, which in return irked the superstar. When the clip got aired, Salman could hardly contain his anger. Taking note of this, "Bigg Boss" season 7 will apparently have Andy take on the prankster role like that of last year's troublemaker Imam Siddique.