Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is having a hard time forgetting his former flames, be it Katrina Kaif or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Salman, who has become a weekly feature on TV as the host of reality television show host "Big Boss 7" has a charismatic quality, which gets amplified with his bold and extrovert attributes.

Recently, the superstar had compared Bigg Boss housemate Eli Eviram with ex-girlfriend Katrina, because of her inadequacy at speaking Hindi.

And yet again, this weekend Salman referred to none other than former love interest Aishwarya. The actor compared contestant Shilpa Sakhlani's eyes to that of the former Miss World.

Reacting to the situation, Shilpa, who is married to TV actor Apoorva Agnihotri, could not stop blushing. True to his characteristic style, the "Dabanng" star further teased Apporva and chided Shilpa's pretty eyes might have been the reason her husband married her.

However, like a true gentleman, the star on mentioning Aishwarya's name added her surname Bachchan soon after.

It is no secret that Salman and Aishwarya, who were once much in love, had an ugly fall out. The stars have never crossed paths ever since and hence it was quite a surprise, when Salman referred Aishwarya's name out of the blue.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old actor faced some trouble on Monday, as his high-end luxury car Range Rover broke down. The actor took to Twitter, disappointed with the car's pathetic condition and said the company had poor customer service.

But the actor found the brighter side of the incident, as he went on to conclude, "had to take a rick home, really enjoyed the rickshaw ride."