Salman Khan in Tere Naam
Pictured: Salman Khan in Tere NaamYoutube Screenshot

Salman Khan had impressed critics and fans with his performance in the movie Tere Naam in 2003. Now director Satish Kaushik said that he has an idea to make Tere Naam 2.

Satish said that he has been getting requests from fans to make a sequel of Tere Naam. He also said that he has an idea to take forward the film but he is not certain if Tere Naam 2 would make the same impact as the original did.

"My Twitter is flooded with requests of Tere Naam 2. I have 15 stories lined up written by people for the film. I have worked out something but I don't know if it's good to ride on to your previous films," the director told PTI when asked if he is planning a sequel of the Salman-starrer.

Of late, several Bollywood sequels have come up like Tum Bin 2, Force 2, Rock On 2 and may others are lined up in future. Expressing his doubt on making a successful sequel, Satish said, "Nobody knows whether franchise film works or not. Recently, it didn't. Only Kahaani 2 looks interesting. That is because it is a different film in itself. Sometimes, you have trusted your character in a certain manner in the first part but you don't know which story will fall into place for next," he added.

However, keeping a possibility of Tere Naam 2, Satish said, "It is tough. I have something, fans have been asking. Let me see how it happens. The idea is in mind."

Salman has a number of upcoming movies that are sequels of his previous hits including Dabangg 3 and Tiger Zinda Hai.