Anurag Kashyap
Anurag KashyapVarinder Chawla

People are divided in their opinion of Salman Khan's rape remark. Known names of the industry are either keeping quiet or are busy defending the superstar. However, director-producer Anurag Kashyap and singer Sona Mohapatra are among the few who have come out and expressed their disappointment over the actor's inappropriate comment.

While the songstress is not mincing words in condemning Salman, Anurag has an interesting take on the matter. He told the Press Trust of India that the actor was "thoughtless and daft" in saying what he did, but also blames the journalist for laughing at the comment and not questioning it.

"But does the responsibility lie alone with him? The guy who is interviewing him... When the man gives an analogy like this, he laughs at it. He does not question him. In his mind, he is thinking I have got a headline. How irresponsible it is to make that into a headline. I would have taken that out. It does not send a great signal, it empowers misogyny. Suddenly, people have got issue to jump on," Anurag elaborated.

Meanwhile, Pooja Bedi and Subhash Ghai are batting for the star.

The former bollywood actress posed a question on social media asking users if the controversy over the remark was justified and if India is being oversensitive about the matter?

She wrote: "Is @BeingSalmanKhan controversy justified? If I say I fee FAT as an elephant will @PetaIndia file a case? is India getting OVERSENSITIVE? [sic]"

However, the director's opinion on the issue took the cake. Shubhash Ghai said Salman was being misquoted and called him a "child."