Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have been training hard to play the roles of wrestlers in their respective upcoming movies "Sultan" and "Dangal".

However, Salman has been working out on his own as the actor's trainer is busy training Aamir. Salman recently said that he has lent his trainer to Aamir as he feels that the latter needs him more at this point of time.

"Rakesh (trainer) helps me out whenever I need him, but right now, Aamir needs him more," DNA quoted Salman as saying.

Talking about his workout regime, Salman informed that he has been learning the nuances of wrestling and is training hard to look fully professional.

"I am learning how to grapple, the floor work, how to kick and how to get kicked. It's not that we cannot do what the fighters do, but they have been doing it for so many years, they do it with ease. I need to get that ease, the flexibility, power and quickness in me. I do about three-four kicks every day, but have to increase it to 150-200 kicks," said the "Sultan" actor.

While Aamir has already gained weight (now weighs 90 kilos) for "Dangal", Salman will also gain a lot of weight for his upcoming film.

"The weight I need to put on is of the muscular kind, it's got nothing to do with diet. I eat correctly. I have my protein, chicken, fish. I need to train harder and be focussed," he added.