The lockdown has impacted many livelihoods, some more than others. Celebrities have been trying to help out those who are financially affected by the lockdown. Salman Khan too has been helping daily wage and cinema workers by making transfers directly to their accounts. 

Salman Khan has been making contributions to the underprivileged during this difficult time due to the lockdown. Now, the actor has also extended a generous hand to Bollywood lookalikes who are facing a crisis due to a lack of work. The actor made payments directly to their accounts to help them out financially. 

Salman Khan

Salman Khan deposits money into the accounts of Bollywood lookalikes

Bollywood has been very receptive during the lockdown to the needs of the have-nots and has been going out of their way to help them. One of the ones who've been helping out is Salman Khan, who has been actively helping the ones who are deeply impacted by the crisis due to Coronavirus.

The lockdown has negatively impacted the daily wage community and the earnings of many. Salman Khan had pledged to help 25,000 daily wage workers of FWICE. This is no small contribution. The actor has also been spreading awareness about the virus and sharing informative videos urging people to follow the law.

In a new move, the actor reached out to the All India Look-Alike Association. The news came from Prashanth Walde who is Shah Rukh Khan's lookalike, and he revealed the actor's generous move. The lookalikes in Bollywood have been jobless during the lockdown as all forms of work have actively and indefinitely shut down.

Prashanth revealed that there are 162 lookalikes in India and Salman reached out individually to all and deposited Rs 3000 in their accounts under Being Human Foundation. Not just that in the next few days there will another Rs 3000 deposited in their accounts and all of them are receiving Rs 2000 coupons to buy groceries.